Physician satisfaction is important to us

In an Inpatient Medical Associates program, physician satisfaction is the key driver of success. Our entire system depends on doctors who like what they do and can pursue it with enthusiasm.

We think our culture is one you’ll find to be rewarding. Those who join us tend to stay with us long-term. If you find you like being a hospitalist, IMA can offer you a long and rewarding career.

Work/Life Balance

Many of our staff join us for lifestyle reasons. In addition to a predictable income, we offer a regular schedule, a manageable workload, and the flexibility to accommodate family needs. Working with us can bring the kind of stability you don’t often find in the medical profession.

Great Work Environment

A hospital is an exciting place to work, and Inpatient Medical Associates’s collaborative culture makes it even better. We strive to achieve a patient-to-provider ratio that promotes quality care, giving all of our physicians the time they need to care for each patient.

And as an IMA hospitalist, you’ll take an active role in running your program—helping to establish formularies and initiate protocols—delivering inpatient care of the highest quality as an integral part of a successful team.

We Invest in You

Besides offering a variety of financial incentives to all of our physicians, we invest in those who have management ambitions. If you want to move up in the organization, we’ll give you the tools, training, and support to go as far as your talent can take you.

Sound Good?

If the life of an Inpatient Medical Associates hospitalist is appealing to you, please contact us to learn more. There’s a great career waiting for you.